The Law Firm Hirsch and Associés

The origins of our firm date back to 1968 when Marc-Roger Hirsch founded the firm of patent and trademark attorneys which was subsequently to become Hirsch & Partners. Rapid development of our patent filing and prosecution activities and very strong development in the trademarks field accompanied by the need to create a strong intellectual property litigation team to satisfy increasing demand for such services led to the creation of our sister company, the law firm of Hirsch & Associés in the 1990s, specializing in IP litigation.

The alliance between the attorneys and lawyers of our law firm and the teams of engineers and technologists of Hirsch & Partners is a key element in our success when it comes to complex technical questions arising in asserting and defending IP rights – which nowadays embrace much more than just patent rights – thanks to the direct scientific and technical support which our teams of engineers are able to provide.

This close collaboration between the lawyers/barristers of Hirsch & Associés and the attorneys and IP specialists of Hirsch & Partners is at the origin of a powerful synergy which cannot but strengthen the performance of Hirsch & Associés

Our clients being the prime beneficiaries both in terms of effectiveness and in terms of cost.

The same applies to the teamwork between the lawyers/barristers of our law firm and the legal people of Hirsch & Partners regarding the protection of trademark and design rights.

Our firm adopts high standards and a rigorous approach in all areas of our work, as borne witness to by our firm enjoying for many years now :